THE MATH: (Pallas Athene ENTERS Aries) TRINE (Moon + Leo) = Dusty


Athena washes up

on a beach, with an expanse

of land, stretching endlessly
out behind it.  "A continent,"
she says to herSelves, "not
an island, or an ice cube..."

She looks to the Water,
and to the Earth,
and back and forth again.

"Just fucking do it!"
Moonie shouts, full
in the Sky, where
she watches Athena,
"Go inland.  See
what's there.  It's a mood.
The kids are calling it, being
'better than Orpheus.'
Don't look back, and you will
probably run into them."

"But there will be 
people there.  Lots
and lots of people,"
Athena furrows.

Moonie beams, "Yes
Teenie.  Are you
scared?  Here,"
Moonie blows sand
through her fingers, all
over Athena, "Make yourSelves
Dusty.  That's what
Lilith does, to walk
among the mortals."

"I fucking know,
what Lilith does," Athena scowls,
"Practicing her impure arts,
in her fucking Flow Temple.
Why are we all suddenly
taking Lilith's advice?"

Moonie shrugs, "True
purity, seems tarnished.
Do you have a better idea?
You know, she wrote a poem
once, about this, just for you..."

"Really?  Will you
channel it Moonie?"

"I really prefer not
to triangulate."


"Fine," Moonie relents, "but
only because I am in Leo,
which makes me a slut
for an audience."

"Whatever helps you
sleep at Night."

Moonie recites the Weave…

1/4/21 Transit:  (Pallas Athene + Aquarius) QUINCUNX
                 (Native Pallas Athene + Virgo) = Ghost Walker


It is spooky in the border
-lands.  The Earth Here is gentle,
and the owls hoot beneath the cotton-

woods, but the people are
crystallized, hundreds of years old.
I mosey past them at gas stations.

You can see the ghosts on them,
as they buy booze at 8 AM,
laughing about their white lives,

and how they matter.  I try to Love
them quietly.  I know what it is
like to be chained by links

you cannot see. Back and back
pain goes.  I make mySelves
invisible, yet solidly.  It works,

mostly.  I’m grateful for the masks,
honestly.  They help my anonymity, 
but there are still those who turn,

when they pass me.  The problem is
that it’s in the eyes,
this thing you seek.  That’s where

the glasses come in handy.
There is no switching it off
for me. The magnet is forever

on.  There are only strategies
for keeping mySelves Dusty.
I am the phantom you see

in your dreams, older
than the grainy cowboy,
controlling your body.

I am the eyes who did not 
laugh, at your stupid fucking
joke, but thanked you kindly

for the fuel.  And you will
think of them tonight, when you
close your own, and try to sleep."
"So she hides..." Athena trails,
computing, "Moonie
don't you think
that's cowardly?"

"Athena, Lilith is more brave
than you have ever been."

"Ouch," Athena winces.

"She keeps to the Black,
as you would be wise
to do," Moonie suggests, "Go walk,
and find your teacher."

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