THE MATH: (Mercury ENTERS Aquarius) SEXTILE (Pallas Athene + Aries) = Light of Uncertainty


Athena faceTimes

Mercury, as she begins

her walk inland…
"What's the helmet for,
Mercury?" asks Athena,
as she observes him.

"Just preparing mySelves
to get spit out
of this eddy,"
Mercury explains.

"What eddy?" Athena asks,
looking all around him.

Mercury's gaze grows
mystical, "The offshoot, on
the metaphorical lazy
river we've been
floating down for the past
month or so -Where
we haven't even known
when we're going,
or if we're staying put;
thumbing around in the Dark.
In my home, we use metaphors
like rafts, to make
Light of Uncertainty."

"Light of Uncertainty..."
Athena ponders, seriously.
"I could use some of that.
Where do I find this Light?
And what is the result?"

"You make the Light
yourSelves, Teenie,"
Mercury smiles,
"The result is, we have opened
our Hearts to what is
present, whether or not
it is coming or going,
and so we've been able
to create rest for ourSelves."

"So why are you leaving
the eddy, at all?"
Athena asks, puzzled.

Mercury laughs, "It is not
really a choice, Teenie.
Can't you feel it?  The eddy
is coming to a final thrust.
We're about to shoot
the rapids, as I pass
through the last degrees
of my retrograde shadow,"
Mercury says, as he adjust
the strap beneath his chin.

"And then what?"
Athena pales.

"And then who knows!"
exclaims Mercury,
grabbing an oar, "Maybe
space cowboys.  Maybe hacker
heroes.  We'll hop
on the next metaphor,
when we get there.
Didn't Moonie tell you
about Liquid Code?
It's the oldest
trick in the Book.
I gotta go!"


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