THE MATH: (Vesta + Venus + Mars CONJUNCT Capricorn) = take one, pass it on


Mars leads the Way

through an upward rising

"Pudding!" calls Vesta,
"Has anyone seen
my rat?"

"He's a real thing?"
asks Mars, "I thought
that was just role play..."

"Are you sure you did not
leave him in the maze
-I mean Clue game?"
asks Venus.

"No," Vesta sighs,
"But he usually just
follows me around...
Mercury made him
this adorable little helmet,
and I'd really like to
give it to him."

"Why does he need
a helmet?" Mars asks Vesta,
almost turning to look
behind him.

"-Face forward Orpheus!"
Venus shrieks,
placing his head
in a Death grip.

Vesta jumps, but keeps walking,
"Jesus, Venus,
you just shot my whole
nervous system.  Apparently,
there are rapids
up ahead, Mars.  Here,"
she hands Venus two helmets,
"Take one, pass it on."

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