THE MATH: (Lilith + Gemini) INCONJUNCT (Vesta + Capricorn) = like a cyst


Lilith writes

a chapter, for the Forest Books…
"I found your poem,"
he says, "The one
your wrote in code,

about that day,
and it helped me
to read it,

from your perspective.
And I hope it's OK,
even though you asked me

to leave you
alone, and Here I am
in your e-mail, again."

I no longer write back,
because I no longer need to.
Every man I ever hoped

to Love, can't stop
reading me.  You think
it's arrogance, but it is just

the Way it is. I am
like a cyst, on the inside
of your eye-lid;

A grating that will only go
a Way, in it's own Time.
Didn't you alWays

want to read, your girlfriend's
diary?  I bleed, publicly,
and you are warmed

in my blood.  You will better
Love another woman, through
knowing the bitter

Heart of me.

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