THE MATH: (Vesta + Venus + Mars CONJUNCT Capricorn) SEXTILE (Neptune + Pisces) = Surfin’ USA


Vesta, Venus, and Mars

come to a vaulted cave,

and a river’s edge…
"So," Mars says,
with his eyes on
the rapids, "Who wants
to go first?" He gestures
at three kayaks.

Venus pushes on the back
of his Heart, "All things
have their backs to the female,
and stand facing the male."

Mars grimaces without
turning around, "You know,
it's pretty shitty of you
to whip out the Tao,
at a Time like this, Venus."

"Don't you think
that is what makes it
appropriate, Orpheus?" 
Venus whispers
in his ear.

"When male and female combine,
all things achieve harmony,"
Vesta continues the quote,
as she pushes up to the front
of the line, "Lucky 
for you bitches, I am
whole unto mySelves.
I'll go first," she says,
hopping into a kayak.

"But V," Venus frets,
"You have never
done this, before."

Vesta shrugs,
"Neither have either
of you.  Besides,
there's a sign
right there, it says:
Class V Rapids.
That means, they are
for me."

"No Vesta," Mars argues,
"That means: Certain Death."

"Mars, stop thinking, and end
your troubles, as Lao Tzu
would say," Vesta grins,
and pushes off the river bank.

As her howls flow
into the Darkness ahead,
she disappears.

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