THE MATH: (Lilith + Gemini) INCONJUNCT (Venus + Mars + Vesta CONJUNCT Capricorn) = Food for Thought


Lilith raves the Oracle…

"Her body boils, wrathful
passion, distilling poison
with each breath.  As suitors
soar to Dae, they're sworn
to Doom -her weapon
exhaled Death."

-The Oracle of Passeridae
"If you want to be
bitter and hurtful,
then I guess
I got you wrong,"

he says, like I
have an obligation
to be nice to him
because he can't keep himSelves

from e-mailing me, after
I have given him, more than 9 lives.
I have asked him multiple Times.
I have blocked him from every

other mode of communication.
I'm pretty sure they call this
harassment.  I have made it very clear,
what I desire for mySelves.

"It's not OK with me,
to be the subject
matter of your poetry."
Well, my friend, it is

up to you
to get the fuck out
of my e-mail, and stop
giving me food for thought.

"I am no longer in denial,"
he says, "that you are
a mean person," because that's what it takes,
when you don't take no,

for an answer.

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