THE MATH: (Lilith + Gemini) SQUARE (Neptune + Pisces) = Door. Walk through it


Lilith’s e-mail floods,

so she keeps devouring

food for thought…
I have been where you are,
wanting a different
answer from someone,

who does not have a different
answer for me; Who cannot
solve the Pain of Life

for me.  It fucking hurt,
but that does not mean
I was any less in the wrong,

to be forcing mySelves
upon his Energy.
What is the fucking

Point of Living?
That is something to be
decided, individually.

I have told you,
I see your Heart.
I have given you

my Witness.  I have
a limit, because
I learned a hard Way,

to not give what is
beyond my capacities,
and extractive of my being.

I do not expect a Love,
from anyone outside
of me.  It is the Ocean

Door.  Walk through it,
and meet yourSelves.
Embrace him.

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