THE MATH: SUN ENTERS PISCES: (Lilith + Gemini) INCONJUNCT (Pluto + Capricorn) = Hidden Temple: Water World


"Okay," Lilith blips
in from the walkie
-talkie, "Fresh Sun
sign, fresh melee.
Choose your weapon
for the Legend
of the Hidden Temple:
Water World Edition."

"I told you bitches,
I am only the Blade,
from Now on,"
Vesta replies.

"What kind of Blade
this Time?  A long sword?
An arrow? A double-ended
Light saber?" Lilith
asks, excitedly.

"A Blade
of grass, Lilitu,"
Vesta reminds her.

Lilith goes blank,
"You realize, that's like
picking Kirby in Super Smash,
every Time."

"Yeah," Vesta shrugs, "that was
alWays my strategy -Float around
and drop mySelves like a rock
on other peoples' heads.
I also really Loved
how you could suck people up
and spit them out, unharmed,
and get a cute costume."

"But a Blade
of grass, does not
do that, if anything
it is the one
who is smushed
beneath the weight
of another being,"
Lilith puzzles.

Vesta tilts her head,
"True," she says, "but,
grass is very challenging
to kill, as Kirby is, isn't it?"

"Well, if the category
is Blade, I will be
the Silver Dagger,"
Lilith contributes.

"I'm not sure I am
comfortable, with you
wielding a weapon."

Lilith's eyes flash,
and she looks to the Sun,
"Well then, you should 
probably keep your distance,
tiny, floating, pink one."

"What will you
use it for?" Vesta
smiles, and wonders.

Lilith ponders,
"To whittle a staff,
or eat an apple.
To open a bag,
or spread butter."

"So we're both being Kirby?"

"Yeah, maybe we can just
sneak off to the side of the fight,
and explore the map,
as we flap our wings.
What do you think?"

Vesta grins, "Sounds like Selkie
-Penguin shit, to me.
Let's do it."

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