THE MATH: (Chiron + Aries) SQUARE (Lilith + Cancer) = around us


Chiron calls back

to Lilitu…

"How do I know
when something is not
for me?  Because it is

not with me.  The Universe
considers us gluttonous
if we cannot learn

to make Love
with what we have
around us."
He recites her own
poem to her: Lilith in the 2020
Lion's Gate, right after
she left the Garden.

"Home Walks In Me

My Heart weeps as I enter
forests I do not yet know.
The trees, are marked with red
and yellow rectangles.  My whole
body releases as it is held by
the soft snickers of cicadas, pittering
through the atmosphere, like sand,
sifting through the crowns

of the woody-ones.  I am homesick
for "my" forests; My home-wood,
who's paths are sometimes crossed
by spiderwebs, bigger than my body.
How do I tell you what I know,
about the Earth?  I had the immense
privilege to grow with a solitary
forest, all my Life.  That place is far

from me now, but I am still a Rock-Hopper.
My childhood was built on the stone
walls that run through it, like coagulated
blood.  You See, the thing is, you can't
unSee your ancestors, once they show
-and those Spirits asked me to go, once
I opened up my ears.  I don't know

when they'll call me back.  It hurts
to think about it too long.  These days
I am trying to expand where I am capable
of feeling that connection -knowing
it is all the same Earth, though
the limbs change, and the sounds may
shift.  And though I walk a Way from home,
I know that home walks in me, All the same."

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