THE MATH: (Lilith + Cancer) TRINE (Moon + Scorpio) = and so it is

"Passeridae, the years tick by
in circles, tallies,
panning out.  Then hands

of Time, come cupping Chance,
in footprints through
these ancient grounds.

Weave your Way back
to the seed -the infinitesimal
part be seeked.  Dae,

awaken, you are
a spark, born of
a brilliant sum."

-The Oracle of Passeridae


Lilith whispers a secret

down the Well, to Moonie’s

"'One day we will find
ourSelves in an Open
Field.  Hair grown

long, and All
our wounds healed.
A Sea of Open

Hearts under the Moon
-Lit Sky, but until
then, I'll be right

Here, just as I am.'

-Adam's weave, not mine.
It is a chorus that still
swims through my mind,
from Age to Age.

I usually toss it overboard, but
I'm giving it to you, Moonie, this
Time.  It was the chorus of Rose
-Wood Heart, when it was

just us two, who sang it.
And the song changed, like All
songs do -unless they're frozen
recordings, Lived Once,

or Lived too many
Times.  I make to unmake, but
the Hidden Chorus Harmony seems
to be keeping Time with me

and mine, and so it is."

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