THE MATH: (Lilith + Cancer) SQUARE (Chiron + Aries) = not the Light


Lilith keeps feasting

on her inbox…
"Your poetry is Dark,"
he says, "And I am

glad our short story is
over."  It would be a miracle,

if being rejected for expressing
how I feel, still hurt me.  But

you can't hurt me,
and I'm sorry that makes you

feel helpless.  I did
not ask you, to enter

my Darkness.  I glow,
in your computer screen,

but I am not the Light.
Lilith's Diary: 7/23/2020
TRANSIT: Chiron CONJUNCT the native Sun Aries

It seems like Chiron just wants
to talk about you.  Women show up
to tell me, how it hurts them
when I tell the truth

in how I feel about you; whether
it is because of how I chose to Love
you, or how I learned to let you
go.  Three was much pain

brewing, inside of me before
I met you, that I didn't understand.
And you made it better,
and you made it worse,

and Life goes on.

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