THE MATH: (Lilith + Cancer) OPPOSITE (Venus + Mars + Vesta CONJUNCT Capricorn) = the stranger in yourSelves

"Passeridae!  The last her kind
-a freak -a crone -a wonder
You'd mock your Holy
Grail -ensnared,
my rotting Heart would thunder."

-The Oracle of Passeridae


Lilith is getting full,

but she keeps eating her inbox…
"I'm not a good person,
I get it," he says.
This is not about being
a good person.

Do I read like I have been
virtue signaling? 'Care
about people's approval,
and you will be their prisoner,'

-the Tao's words, not mine,
but I have lived them, enough
Times.  I do not care
if you are considered a 'good'

person, set by the standards
of an insane society, using
twisted morality to control
your mind.  'A moral man does

something, he rolls up his sleeves,
and uses force.'  I have
never cared, if you are good.
I care that I said no,

and for some reason, you believe
your actions have no consequences.
You believe you deserve to force
yourSelves upon me, but I do not

deserve to say what I mean,
on my own platform?  You are not
a cause without an effect.  I have
shown you Time, and Time again,

what happens when you place
yourSelves, in my inbox.
This is not about good or bad.
This is not about how I perceive you.

I would rather we part peacefully,
as I asked of you, Moons before
this one, but you insist that one
of us has to be the conqueror.

You want to be conquered,
so you can call yourSelves
my victim.  You are already
your own victim.  Conquer yourSelves.

'What is a good man, but a bad
man's teacher?   What is a bad man,
but a good man's job?'  The good
or the bad, the right or the wrong,

success or failure.  A full life
will walk through both.  I have
asked you, to leave me alone,
and you won't.  And so

I write, as I have done
all my life, to cope with pushy
men, who think they Love me,
but just want to hear what they want

to hear, from a pretty face
they have made a symbol
for the "good".  I am not good,
or bad.  I am not right,

or wrong.  I am not success,
or failure.  I am a human,
with boundaries, and limitations,
and plenty of shortcomings.

I am existing,
and I am not Here at all.
My words will only trip
the mirrors into your own Heart.

But I will play this Way
as long as you need to,
because you are my friend,
as much as you are not.

And you will learn
as I have learned,
that your venom reveals Nothing
about me, only the stranger

in yourSelves.

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