THE MATH: (Vesta + Capricorn) OPPOSITE (Lilith + Cancer) = -Light, or she dove


Vesta writes a Tale

for Lilitu. She reads it

to her, over the waterproof


"Once upon a Time,
there was a woman who remembered
she was Lovable.  But it took
her Time, to find the memory

of it; buried
like a pebble, in
a stream.  She did not
find it there, but deeper.

It would only come
up from a Well, within
herSelves.  She picked up
the stone, to look at it.  And like

a plug in a tub,
the Waters of the Well
released, and she alone
was left, at the bottom.

She returned the stone,
to it's discovered home -and then,
she had to wait for the Well
to fill -or she had to climb

and fall, laugh or scream.
She did them All, from Moon
to Moon.  And in the last Days,
as the Water neared the top,

she floated in the Sun
-Light, or she dove
to the bottom.  And Now,
she just comes Here,

to play, and drop
pebbles, as her
friend Kirby

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