THE MATH: (Mars + Vesta CONJUNCT Capricorn) SEXTILE (Neptune + Pisces) = Mary alWays


Mars and Vesta drift

in their kayaks, through a calm

and steady flow, in a vast cavern.
They tie
their boats together,
with a rope...

"Where does this Water
Way lead, Vesta?"
asks Mars, to the Dark
Air around him.

"First to the Outer
Rim of Space, and then
on to the Dreaming,"
Vesta explains, factually.

"Like to the Dreaming
Sea?" Mars calls.

"Like to the Dreaming
Sea," Vesta echos.

"Why?" his fear

"Because it is
written in the Stars,"
Vesta wiggles her Spirit
fingers up to the stalagmites,
as she limbos beneath
their dripping bodies.

"Don't you find it
boring, to alWays do
what the Stars do?"
Mars questions, as he
leans back in his kayak.

"Most people are following
their celebrities, Mars,"
Vesta lets her arms float down
to skim the Water, "The Stars,
are no different,"
she explains as she makes
contact with it, "but they
let you make
up your own routines, as you
dance with them, and I
find that to be

"But you have given
up control.  Your mind
is not your own,"
Mars fights to save
his naive vestal virgin.

Vesta bunts a Way
his life-preserver,
"My mind belongs
to the Way."

"What the fuck does that mean,
Miss Mary alWays?" Mars ruffles,
frantically, "Does this
trip come with koolaid?
Do I get a side
of Light possession,
as a party favor?"

Vesta smiles,
"You can try to go
another Way, if you want to.
Pudding does it,
but he alWays
comes back..."

Mars sighs, "I'll stay,
just until we get out
from the Under, I guess..."

"Mars, baby" Vesta sighs aloud,
passionately, "Please try to enjoy
the magnificence of this fucking
beautiful pit we find
ourSelves traversing!"

He crosses his arms,
and says Nothing, as they glide
swiftly onward.

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