THE MATH: (Vesta + Mars CONJUNCT Capricorn) OPPOSITE (Lilith + Cancer) = handle it


Vesta stops on the shore

line, for a pee break.

She returns to Mars, dripping wet,

with her walkie-talkie, in his hands.
He's arguing, with Lilitu...

"Just eat it, Mars,
it's not dirty," Lilith coos.

"It was laying
on the floor," he squinches.

"It's a fucking
piece of fruit, Mars,
ripened, and ready
for the taking," she whispers.

"If an apple fell, inside
a restaurant, I wouldn't
eat it," Mars reasons.

"Inside dirt, and outside dirt,
are not the same thing.  One
is full, mixed in with Life.
The other is mostly your own
shit..." Lilith's words walk
him to the edge.

"I'm not eating it,"
Mars protests weakly.

"Eat it, coward,"
Lilith darkens.

Vesta pipes in,
"That's enough.  Mars?"
Vesta questions as she
holds out her hand, for the walkie
-talkie.  He gives it to her,
begrudgingly.  "Thank you," Vesta primly
spins around, "I'm glad
to see you, Orpheus.
Let's continue on our Way
shall we? -Also," she hovers,
"Don't eat anything
until we are out of the Under
World, bitch.  Who are you?
Persephone?  That's some n00b
shit.  Do not speak
to Lilith, while you're down
Here.  You can't
handle it."

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