THE MATH: (Mars + Venus + Vesta CONJUNCT Capricorn) TRINE (N. Node + Taurus) = Even though he bites


Mars is bored in the drifting,

so he asks Vesta questions…
"Where is Pudding,

Vesta sighs, "The last Time
he wrote, my darling
rat was in court, arguing with a cat
for absolution from his crimes."

"What did he do?"
Mars asks.

"He chased a girl
through a maze,
and made her cry,"
Vesta states.

"Isn't that, like,
what he was trained to do?"
Mars reasons.

Vesta nods, "Sniffing out
the sweet and sour,
is built into his nature,

"A rat race sounds consensual to me,
so what's the big deal?"

Vesta shrugs, "Pride,
I guess.  Neither
he, nor the girl, liked to lose.
So he beat her for years,
over and over again,
and she starved to Death,
because she was too stubborn to See
she could not win.  The only
food existed, at the end of the race,
which he alWays ate himSelves."

So he's homicidal,"
Mars concludes.

Vesta tilts her head
where she lays, gazing
at the vault of the cave
in her kayak,
"In a Way, but he is
too slippery to convict,
and no one really cares."

"Pudding sounds like
an asshole," Mars decides,
"Why keep him?"

Vesta glances at Mars,
disgustedly, "Pudding
is not a pet.  You do not
'keep' a familiar, Mars.
They choose you.
It is a sacred bond,
no Matter how it is
defiled.  Pudding,
is a part of me,
even though he bites.
Besides, survive rabies once,
and you never get it again."

Mars pauses, for a long moment,
"I'm not sure that you did survive
rabies, Vesta, but I think Venus
would say the same thing
about me, and the biting..."

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