THE MATH: (Vesta + Venus + Mars + Pluto CONJUNCT Capricorn) = to the Tao, that’s All.


“I’m starting to feel like

we should have waited,

for Venus,” Mars confesses,


"I asked her to hang
back.  I do not
want you to fuck this

up for us," Vesta
calls back to him.
"Why would I be the One

to fuck this up for us?"
Mars cries, indignantly.
"Historically speaking,

Orpheus lives, and his
Love stays dead.  I cannot
control much, but I can

control this narrative,"
Vesta gazes forward,

"What does Love mean,
to you, Vesta?"
Mars asks her, softly.

"To let
go, again and again,"
Vesta whispers,

over her shoulder.
"That makes controlling
the narrative, a Loveless

act, does it not?"
Mars pokes her
in the back of the Heart,


Mars rejoices.
Vesta shrugs, "Well,
fuck it.  I cannot control

Love anyWay.  She'll show
up, when she's ready
to be Here."

"And when will you be
ready, to be Here, Vesta?"
Mars asks, as he looks

"Haven't you heard?"
V turns around,

holding a lit
match, "Lilith and I are
playing Kirby.

We're dropping rocks,
to guide our Way,
and help us Land

on ideas we believe in.
Vesta smiles, "Not to
worry, Mars," she whispers.

She Lights a candle
and waits.  As the wax
melts, she prays: "I burn

as kindly as the GXDZ
allow.  I cup the Flame,
and mind the pops

and sparks.  I pray
no burning ember singe
the ground.  And in

soft ashes, fertilize
my Heart."  She drips some
on the bow of Mars'

kayak, to anchor
the candle down. Mars stares
at the Flame, "Why

is the feminine mind
so strange?"
Vesta leans

back again, "Pudding says,
we have a head start
to the Tao, that's All."

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