THE MATH: (Lilith Rx + Cancer) INCONJUNCT (Saturn + Aquarius) = hot girl shit


Saturn calls Lilitu

from his burner phone…
"Are you sure
you still want to come
to Middle Earth, Lilith?"
Saturn whispers.

"Of course I do, are you
fucking kidding me?" Lilith shouts,
"I have been stuck in an abyss,
but once I gain momentum, the duck
-boat keeps rolling.
Road Rage is Now ready,
to waddle onward."

"The witches advise
we do not perform High
-Magick, in the middle
of a shitstorm -I mean
Flood, though,"
Saturn says as he reads
the manual.

"When have we ever
not been in the middle of
a shitstorm - I mean Flood, though?"
Lilith argues,
"I told my friends,
I'm going to Middle Earth,
to do top-secret hot-girl
shit.  Do not make
a liar out of me, Saturn."

"But I'm not a hot-girl,"
Saturn says.

"Who says?!"
Lilith challenges.

"I say, Lilith,"
Saturn checks her, blandly,
"I literally just said it."

"You have taught me,
words do not really mean
much, Time-Daddy,"
Lilith says as she mates him,
"Last week Venus found these
fly-trap plants, that look
like penises.  If Gaia can be
 a hot-boy, why cant you
be a hot-girl?  Here, take a look
for yourSelves," Lilith texts him,
the screen shot.
Saturn is sweating, but
he opens it, feasting
his eyes
upon Nepenthes...


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