THE MATH: (Vesta + Mars + Pluto CONJUNCT Capricorn) SEXTILE (Neptune + Pisces) = to do the doo


Mars is starting to feel

Dark about himSelves,

as the dread of the float

"What if we're just turds,
floating down the sewers
of society..." Mars trails,
and Vesta says Nothing.

"Vesta...?" Mars
kicks her kayak.

"Yes, Mars."

"Yes, we're turds?"
Mars questions.

"It's an interesting
idea," V muses, "We might be
turds.  I'm pretty sure
at any One given
Time, you have, like,
20 lbs of poop,
in your intestines."

"But I thought you said,
this river takes us
to the Outer Rim
of Space..." Mars challenges.

"Yes," Vesta postulates,
"Society discards it's toxic
waste to the fringe,
where it can't See it.
But after that, we're floating
on to the Dreaming
Sea, Remember?  We are
making a shitty comeback."

"What do we come
back as?" Mars asks.

Vesta shrugs, "Pudding
chose, his form.
How do you desire
to do the doo, Mars?"

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