THE MATH: (Vesta + Venus + Mars + Pluto CONJUNCT Capricorn) TRINE (N. Node + Taurus) = the war you cannot win


“Do you hear that?”

Mars asks…

"Hear what?"
Vesta perks up.

"There is war
on the surface,"
Mars whispers, body piqued
to capture sound, as he
floats on his back,
through the cavern,
"Close your eyes,
Vesta, do you
hear it Now?"

Vesta closes her eyes,
and waits.

"Hello?" Mars calls

"I'm listening,"
Vesta returns to him,
"All I hear, is
the Water, and my own

"Yes!" Mars says,
as his kayak drifts
into the lead,
"The Heart-beat.  It is 
the war you cannot win.
It is a Death, that this
Way comes.  To Love
Vesta, to Love.
You cannot stop her."

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