THE MATH: (Lilith Rx + Cancer) INCONJUNCT (Mercury + Aquarius) = Exactly!


Lilith calls Mercury

to tell him about family

therapy with Jupiter…
"Mercury, good news:
We're getting over our Dr.
Fear, and Dad, at the same Time,"
Lilith explains.

"Excuse me," asks Mercury,
"What?  Please back up."

"We're all going to virtual
therapy.  You have to come,"
Lilith translates.

"You know that
orders only work on me,
with reverse
psychology, Lilith,"
Mercury pushes back.

"Dude, I'm going.
Dad likes you.
You like Dad.
You like me.
Just come, please."

"Fine, but I do not
understand, any of this
shit," Mercury relents,
"And I'm not picking a fucking team."

"None of us do," Lilith
soothes, "That's why
we're all going in

"What do you mean?"
Mercury takes a lick
 of curiosity.

"The Dr. has only heard
one Story, from the mouth
of Venus.  She assumes
the best in all of us, so
we enter the melee
from a neutral stance."

"Lilith," Mercury pulls back,
"I'd prefer it, if
you didn't use war
language, in reference 
to conversing with our family."

"Exactly!" Lilith exclaims,
"This is why we need you
to be there.  Besides, relax,
I'm playing Kirby... this season."

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