THE MATH: (Pallas Athene + Aries) SQUARE (Moon + Capricorn) = He’s a family systems


Athena calls Persephone,

as she keeps walking

"He's a family systems
therapist," explains Athena,
to Persephone.

"And you are
telling me, his name
is Dan?" Persephone asks,
"Can I get a surname,
on that?  I'm looking,
for a Dr. Pudding."

"No, to the Pudding.
And yes, he's willing
to be with all 6 of we
beings, over zoom,
every week," Athena confirms.

"Fuck," sinks Persephone.

"I know right?" Athena quakes,
"It's kinda hot.  You know
I Love systems."

"Okay, I'll come,"
Persephone sighs.

"You will?" Athena's
eyes go wide, "Why?"

"Because an apology
is a prisoner,
and I'd like to discover
if there's a Way
we can exist, sharing
Space, together.  And it's rare,
don't you think,
that we all Love
each-other, enough
to look
forward?"  Persephone asks.

Athena hops the question,
"So which one of us
is going to tell Lilith
we're going to share
virtual presence with Dad?"

"Lili will be
OK.  She's got
Saturn, in her corner.
They're doing hot-girl
shit, this Spring,"
Persephone assures her.

"Awwww," Athena coos,
"Saturn.  Love him."

"Of course you do,"
Persephone says dryly.

"A girl needs
 structure, Persephone,"
Athena chastises. 

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