THE MATH: (Lilith Rx + Cancer) INCONJUNCT (Juno + Aquarius) = Lili on your travels


“Lili, on your travels,

please, do not

forget your coloring book,"
asks Arachne, as Lilith
prepares to set sail
to Middle

"Do you have to
call it that, Arachne?"
Lilith asks, her Kirby deflated.
"It is a log
of symbols I anchor mySelves
to, when the Water
rises," Lilitu explains.

"...Exactly.  It is
a rainbow, in
the clouds.  I have
some Vesta Manga,
building up, ready
to relay soon.
And I'd like you 
to have the tools
to transmute the imprint."

"How do you already know
what we are
going to make?  It never comes
to me, that Way..."
Lilith says.

Arachne pauses for a while,
"Didn't you say
waking up was hazy, and far off
like a song, underWater?
I feel that, in these
images.  I hear them
in my soul.  There is
no forcing, and no fighting
them.  In the first One, Vesta comes
to me, in a Dream.  She has,
a rat on her shoulder, and her back to me.
She says, 'Do not be
good, be you.'
And so images Weave
themSelves from within the deep,
and I can feel them
tickling, as they turn up
inside of me.  The moment
when a Lightening springs
through dirt, is when you Weave
with it.  As the blade, you blossom
-make.  A flowering
head is fleeting, at it's best. 
You will return,
to gaze at images,
and learn something
about what once was
full, and Now is different.
It will alWays feel
different.  SomeTimes faded,
someTimes more mysterious than
at the start. SomeTimes
all you Love.  SomeTimes
all you despise.  AlWays
is a someTimes
that never ends. AnyWay,
just bring your fucking coloring book,
okay?" Arachne wraps it up.

"Okay, jeeze," Lilith agrees,
"I'll bring the symbolic specimens,
but please ask permission,
before you possess me.
I'll need you to sign
a consent agreement.  I like
manga, but I am not a fan
of mania, Arachne.
I don't care if you are
Spiderwoman.  The body
has needs, like to eat,
and sleep, and hug people
and stuff.  Can't you just
do it yourSelves?"

"I could," Arachne explains, "but
I am not a GXD -more
of an elegant phantom.  The last Time
I over-performed, I was hung
for my mastery.  Better
the illuminations come
'from you', Silver
Dagger.  I promise,
I won't rush you."

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