THE MATH: (Pluto + Moon + Vesta + Mars + Venus CONJUNCT Capricorn) = will you?


As the float drones

on, Mars grows


"Are we there yet?"
Mars asks, restlessly,
as the candle burns out.

"No babe," Vesta calls
to him, from where she dangles
her feet, in the River.

"Will you at least tell me
where we're going?" Mars pleads,
as he splashes her
with his oar.

Vesta grins, "I thought
you'd never ask.  I am
escorting you, to family

The blood drains
from Mars' face, "What
the FUCK, Vesta.  What if
I do not want to go?"

"Of course you do not
'want' to go Mars.
You and your family are
all doing that thing, where,
you are choosing what negative
consequences you are willing
to accept, for what outcomes,"
Vesta explains.

"Jupiter exiled me, for letting
Medusa out," Mars explains.

"Yes," Vesta grows impatient,
"I wrote that Story.  And everyone
else is glad she's free...
What negative consequences,
for what outcomes, Mars?...
Besides, between you,
Lilith, and Persephone,
I'm not really sure you are
in the worst position.  You are
still a man, anyWay.
Jupiter at least listens
to you, because you have
a penis."

"You duped me, Vesta,"
Mars whispers, his gaze
far off, and crest-fallen.

Vesta nods, "I get that.
Feeling duped is a drain,
but Teal Swan says,
'If you're going to do
something, you've got to
get all parts of yourSelves
on board, or don't do it
at all.'  Compromise
is the biggest sham
you've been fed.
Where no one gets what they want,
and everyone is starving.
But don't worry, compromise
is not what you are
going for."

"What is it that we are
going for, Vesta?"

"You will be
existing, whether
Daddy likes you, or not,
and he has to See that.  Ultimately,
it's not about what
you say.  It is
an Energy exchange.
The Heart makes waves.
Just keep an open
mind, Mars, will you?
And See. What. Happens."

"Fine.  But only because
two days ago, I was all like,
'Love is the war
you cannot win.'"  Mars says,
as he crosses his arms.

Vesta straddles her kayak, facing Mars
and splashes him, "It's annoying
when your Heart is
wiser than yourSelves,
isn't it, Mars."

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