THE MATH: (Saturn + Aquarius) INCONJUNCT (Lilith Rx + Cancer) = pollen, between


Saturn calls Lilith

as she hits the road…



"Are you ready?"
Saturn asks.

"Yeah, I guess,"
Lilith responds,
"Arachne says, I'm making
Vesta Manga, while
we're there."

"Cool.  I've made some
other plans for us,"
Saturn says.

"Great," Lilith consents,  "Get that
hot-girl shit, stirring up.  I will
just follow your lead,
and make into the structure,
as we Weave."

"Where are you
sleeping, tonight, Lili?"
Saturn continues,
the interrogation.

"In 'Rage," she claims

"Yeah, but like, where
are you stopping?"  Saturn
asks, anxiously.

"I don't know
yet.  Planning is not
in my skill set.  Do not
worry, Time-Daddy.  Dusting
the Earth is my area
of expertise.  The Road,
and Desert pockets
in between, is natural
for me," Lilith consoles him.

"I thought the Garden
was your home-turf,"
Saturn points out
the hole in the puzzle.

"Home walks in me.
I sprinkle home
as the bee.  I Dust
pollen, between
blossoms I Love.
I'll make it to the Middle,
Saturn, not to Fear."

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