THE MATH: (Saturn + Aquarius) INCONJUNCT (Lilith Rx + Cancer) = and we named ourSelves


Lilith calls Saturn

to let him know, she’s running

"So you already got
stranded once," Saturn recaps.

"Yup," Lilith says,
"The Universe was all like,
'Do not pass Go without
hugging a handiboi.'"

"You didn't get too far,"
Saturn grins.

"Nope," Lilith agrees,
"We are at an inconjunction,
Time-Daddy.  It's not exactly
easy, for you and me, to do hot-girl
shit together, in different
elements, in different modes."

"So you called the guy
who you ripped a fresh
asshole, on the internet,
because he wouldn't stay
out of your inbox."

"Relying on frenemies
is a pattern among the GXDZ,"
Lilith justifies.

"You're such a fucking punk,
kid.  What makes you
think he'll help you?"
Saturn asks.

"Because he already did.
And I did not think,
I believed,"
Lilith returns.

"What made you believe
you deserved his help?"
Saturn asks
a different Way.

"The Universe asked me
to ask for help, so I did not
fight it.  What I do
and don't deserve, is no longer
of much interest to me.
'If you want to be straight,
let yourSelves be crooked,'
says the Tao.  This was
the most direct, and most winding
Way a Way, from Here.  Besides
we're actually pals, when we just
don't speak.  The Tao
would be proud of me."

"Lilith, you fucking suck
at holding boundaries."

"You've obviously never
been held, by a handiboi,
Saturn," Lili surmises,
"If he can handle
his shit, and hot-girl shit,
at the same Time,
everything is fine for us."

"So you're just like,
friends Now?"  Saturn asks

Lilith shrugs,
"Yeah.  He repaired my 'Rage.
That's like, my number one Love
language.  I gave him a hug
that never ended,
and we named ourSelves
And he said,
"It's hard to let go."
And I said,
"I gotta go,"
and ripped mySelves a Way
before I couldn't leave at all.
And Now, if you'll EXCUSE ME,
I have a voyage to finish."


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