THE MATH: (Lilith Rx + Cancer) TRINE (Jupiter + Sun + Moon CONJUNCT Pisces) = The GXDXSS of Perpetual Help


Lilith reads a plaque,

at the Grotto of the Black


"What does it say?"
Moonie asks.

"It says: The guy who made this
monument, died on Lucifer's
birthday, from a heat-stroke,"
Lilith looks up.

"Did he come back
as a rat, afterwards?"
Moonie questions her.

"I dunno, why?"
Lilith puzzles.

"Just wondering..."
Moonie evades her, unwilling
to be the One to tell
Lilith, about Pudding.

"He died as he worked, right Here
where we stand, building
this shrine, to the GXDXSS of Perpetual
Help," Lilith says, as she reads on.

"They don't call them
GXDXSSXS, Here, Lilith.
They call them, 'madonnas',"
Moonie softly corrects her.

"My bad," Lilith whispers,
as she pulls a rosary out from under
her shirt, closed with a Moonstone,
and an opal cross
dangling down.

"What are you doing?"
Moonie asks, as she watches her.

"Letting shit go,"
Lilith says, as she drapes it
around the madonna's neck,
in a Sunbeam.  "I made this
last Winter, when I rose
out of the cave, and wrote
this prayer, for Lucifer..."
Lilith speaks to the madonna…
"There is a secret
buried deeper than the ghost

stories they tell you
-carved, by bitter Water

and sweet acid, in the pockets
of this World.  You can stay there

if you want to.  There is Nothing
left to stop you, but the Myths

you string together like pearls.
It will whisper from a droplet

slowly forming into archWay.
It will echo from a lake

of tears, falling from the Earth
above.  It will say exactly

Nothing.  It will show you
many patterns.  You will See

only what you want to,
until you See only Love."
"Beautiful," Moonie says,
"And Now, if you do not
mind, we should be going.
The normies don't like it
when witches pray to GXD
in dayLight," she glances around.

"Fine," Lilith sighs,
as she turns a Way, tipping
the brim of her black hat,
to the GXDXSS of Perpetual Help.

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