THE MATH: (New Moon Pisces) TRINE (Lilith Rx + Cancer) = it’s different


The Sun and the Moon

paint their nails…

"So what exactly is
hot-girl shit?"
asks Sunny.

"What do you know
about the chirotic
cycle?" the Moon calls back.

"I don't know anything
about the chirotic cycle,"
confesses Sunny.


"Give me the gist,"
Sunny begs for a secret.

Moonie acquiesces,
"At different stages in
our lives, we experience
INTENSE transits.  Lilith Loves
intensity, so, she follows them around
-or they follow her.  There is no
difference after a while.  
Basically, she hangs out
with people, while they live
through the Muchness, and they make
alchemy, together.  Things become
particularly potent, around
the ages of 30, 41, 51, and 60,
but she's mostly a slut
for the Uranus vs. Uranus opposition,
or maybe it's a slut for her.  AnyWays,
Vesta hops into the chirotic
rhythm, at 41, and 51, but Lilith tends
to be particularly magnetic, for
the 41 year olds.  She adds her Saturn
to their Uranus, and BAM!
They're making magick,
in the shitstorm.
They are performing astral
math with their bodies."

"That makes no sense
to me, Moonie," says the Sun.

"No, it doesn't.
They're making Love,
it's different,"
Moonie responds, and pauses.
"Here Sunny," she says, "A secret,
from the vault..."

Moonie passes the Sun

a story from the Forest books,

“How do you write a Story,
Lilith?” Medusa asks.

“You take your life, and make it
cryptic.  There is no such thing as 100%
fantasy.  Most of the stories
I tell, really happen
to this body, before or after.
It is the framing
that makes them seem

“Tell me one now,"
Medusa asks.

“Okay,” Lilith says.
“On my 30th birthday, I slept
against some lava, in the Desert,
when 5, 41-year-old men, 
knocked on my truck, to ask me 
if I had any cigarettes.

"I don’t smoke," I said.

"What about a joint then?"

"Sorry, I no longer do that,
 but let me know if you find one
 and you need help rolling it."

"To be honest, we just came over
Here, because we were curious.
What is your deal?  Are you
a succubus?”

“Are you shitting me?” asks Medusa,
they really said that?” 

“Yes," Lilith confirms, "Then,
they begged me to come tell
them bedTime stories.  
"We promise, we’re safe.
We’re with the government."
I told them, "that means Nothing
to me," but I hopped out anyWays, 
following them to the Fire 
pit, where they sat, in a pentacle."

"So why are you Here," asked the Libra,
"and do you feel safe alone?"

"I am an Astrologer," I called,
"And safety is a Myth."

"Well, guess our signs then,"
he challenged.

"I pointed and stared, "that one
is a Scorpion."  With the first man
nailed, the Leo hooted and hollered.  
I pinned him next.  He tossed me
a beer, and told me he’s a Demi-GXD.
"Cheers," I said, "I believe you."
I knew the Capricorn was to my left
because he wanted to be my Daddy,
and get me drunk at the same Time.
And he kept dropping lines 
about how he hates his ex-wife.
It was the one on my right
that I didn’t get right.
A Capricorn Sun with a Cancer Moon
makes a man neutral, and quiet..."

“Were you attracted to any of them?”
Medusa asks her.

“I would have kissed the Scorpion.”
Lilith confesses, “I liked the Way
he looked at me, and the Way 
he did not.”

“So what happened next?” Medusa asks.

“I talked with them until 2 AM.
I learned how most boys never become 
men.  And in the morning
I made them coffee, and gifted them
posters of circles I drew.  
The Scorpio made me sign all of them.  
The Leo gave me a bottle of tequila 
I gave a Way later. The Libra gave me 
their extra Water, and told me to visit 
them in Tucson. The Capricorns wanted 
to touch me, so I gave them hugs.  
Then, we all parted Ways, and 
that’s how 30 started.”

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