THE MATH: (Moon + Sun + Jupiter CONJUNCT Pisces) TRINE (Lilith Rx + Cancer) = take the rest


"Slow down,"  Lilith says,
"It's dusk.  Where there is one
doe, there are more."

Moonie slows, but
the oncoming car hits
the deer, and fluffs of fur
drift through the Air.
Moonie bursts into tears,
"Why did we have to See
that?" she begins to sob.

Lilith just sits there,
"Maybe she got a Way."

"She didn't get a Way,
Lilith.  She's lying
in the road, behind us,"
Moonie says, stopped
on the side, with her
flashers on.

"Where?"  Lilith says,
hopping out.  She drops
her bag from her body,
and walks towards the doe.
The cars all drive around
the deer's form.  The car
that hit her, already gone.
Lilith grabs the doe
by the hooves, and drags
her body, off the road.
Her Heart is still
beating, and Lilith holds
her head, stroking
her body.  Moonie cries on,
as Lilith sits expressionless,
with the doe's head in her lap.
"She's gone," Lilith says,
as Moonie prays over her.

Lilith does not offer the Moon
any comfort, as they return
to the car.  "Are you OK?"
Moonie asks, and Lilith nods.

"I have seen so many creatures
die.  There was a Time
when I wailed for the Ever
presence of Death, but Now
it is just Here with me,
like everything else,
and the most I can do
is just be with it."

Lilith recites a memory…

Counting Sheep

To find a little lamb
lain in the field, apart
except for flies hung 'round.
To cry until the crying is out,
but still he lives.

And still I give him what I can.
I Light the Flame.  I wash
a Way the shit, and maggots.
I pray for lesser pain.  I make
him drink.  I sing him

lullabies.  I stroke his head.
Death does not rush,
and I wonder how much
longer I can bear to hold
this pain.  Can I expand to cup

this ending, just as the Earth does?
I sit in Gaia's lap, as the lamb
rests in my own, and I trust
she can hold us both.
Death brings signs,

when she is close.  She looks
so much like Life returning,
if you don't know her.  The eyes
wide, and traveling into
pastures I can't See.

The legs, running through
the barn door, and out
into the Sun.  He stops and waits
for me to come, but I can't
follow where he goes, and I

tell him so.  I tell him
that I Love him.  And then
the belly does not
rise again.  The eyes
go dull, and I have no soul

left to hold.  Just Gaia
holding me Now, like a lamb.
And I cry and cry,
and I let her
take the rest.

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