THE MATH: (Pluto + Vesta CONJUNCT Capricorn) TRINE (Ceres + Gemini) = by you, for a moment.


Vesta drifts back,

behind Mars and Venus.

She pulls her kayak into an off

shoot, to the Cavern of

the Crystal Mother…
"My girl," the Crystal
Mother coos, as gemstones sparkle
 around the room, "You've changed,"
she says, running her fingers
through Vesta's long hair.

"I've changed," Vesta
confirms, closing
her eyes, as the Crystal
Mother holds V to her breast.

"But what are you
doing Here?" the Crystal
Mother asks, pulling back
to study her.

"Your daughter will guide
me, to the confluence,"
Vesta explains.

"So you're just abandoning
Venus and Mars?"
the Crystal Mother asks,
"I watched them pass, earlier."

Vesta shrugs, "All Rivers
flow to the Sea, 'Ma.  And I am
not sure they need me, anymore.
They know where they are
going.  They'll figure it

"But where have you been
all of these years?
You kind of fell off
the face of the Earth."

"I have been
in the Libraries, underground,
creating portals, and following
the Stars," Vesta weaves the Crystal
Mother a brief synopsis, with a glint
of a smile, and a wiggle
of her fingers.

"If I was your real 'Ma, I would be
worried about you, and All
your physical and metaphysical

"My parents do not
speak to me, 'Ma,"
Vesta strokes the Crystal
Mother's arm, to soothe,
"But they worry too."

"Alright lets go!"
The Crystal Mother's daughter tumbles
down the stairs like a stone,
and hops into Vesta's kayak.

"I Love you, 'Ma,"
Vesta says, kissing her
on the cheek, "It was good
to be held,
by you, for a moment."
V hops in behind her,
and they drift a Way...

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