THE MATH: (Lilith Rx + Cancer) INCONJUNCT (Venus + Mars CONJUNCT Aquarius) = a Void so gaping


Mars finds a warning, pinned

to a Star at the Outer

Rim of Space. “It’s from

Lilitu,” he says,

as he begins to read it…

"No one is coming
to save you.  That is
the main Story

that must be unwound,
as many Times as you
need to, until you

purge it from your skull.
What are you willing
to live with? And what

are you willing to live
without?  How do you
want your life to function?

And how can you make that
happen Now?  It is Time,
to get real, and stop crying

about what you've lost.
The whole World is lost,
and we are out of life preservers.

Do you whine about the cold,
or do you bring a fucking jacket?
No one cares how cute you look

in the apocalypse.  Hard things happen.
Learn how to hold more.
No one is steering

this ship.  Life will shake you
in your little space boots,
again and again.  There is grief

in every breath, because
there is Love mixed in.
There is no one

to carry you out
of the Fires you lit
yourSelves. Make Love

in your own Way,
or you're just another
greedy fucker, and a plague

upon the Earth."
Mars passes the note
to Venus, "Why is Lilith
so fucking grizzly?"

"The softest thing in the World,
overcomes the hardest thing
in the World," Venus whispers,
as she takes the message
into her hands,
"You missed the note
on the back Mars.  It seems
Lilith has woven through
this part of the Void,
more than once before..."

Venus reads aloud,

an older scribble,

from 2013…

"I speak of Grace sometimes
but I don't think I've ever
found it.  Can you

stumble on an issue,
stand up quick, then hop
around it?  I don't

say goodbyes at all
and when I do, they're torn 
from me.  I feel it

rise up from my being,
its so large, it overwhelms me.
And suddenly I feel,

what Pain has wrapped up
so tightly.  It is Love:
the transplant of enormities,

a Void so gaping,
I can't perceive more
than empty."

Mars is the first
to break the silence,
"Are we sure, we want
to go this Way?" he asks.

"Don't be a little
bitch, Mars," Venus says,
as she paddles onward
into Space.

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