THE MATH: (Venus + Mars ENTER Aquarius) = or what, bitch


“This blindfold is

fucking stupid,” Mars complains

as he and Venus keep moving
"Yeah, Well, so are you,"
Venus rebuttals from in front
of him, "And if
you are too chicken
to lead, you are
just going to have to
deal, Orpheus."

"I'm not too chicken
to lead," Mars protests,
"It's not my fault
Vesta is a Switch,
and you are
just a bossy fucking bitch."

"I only let
my bitches, call me
a bitch, Mars,"
Venus cools.

"Oh yeah? Or what...
bitch," Mars goads, grinning
from behind his blindfold.

Venus pulls the rope
between their kayaks
and capsizes Mars
into the underside
of the River.  His blindfold
falls off, and he opens
his eyes.  "Venus!"
he hollers, "Flip quick!
There is an Ocean
of Stars under Here,
and I See
an exit."

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