THE MATH: (Lilith Rx + Gemini) INCONJUNCT (Vesta + Capricorn) = sweet dreams. Over.


“Yo, Vesta, I found us

in the bible,"
Lilith blips in.
"Lili, I Love you, but

I can't just pick up
every Time you See
a cute meme of us,"

Vesta chastises her.
"That's not All,"
Lilith continues,

"I've been meaning
to tell you, ever since
I left the Grotto of the Black Madonna,

this grumpy old Dead guy has been
following me.  He believes
the World is inherently evil,

and when push comes to shove,
we'll renounce our GXDZ,
and eat each-other, but

he believes in Luck.  What's your
take? Over."  "Could be.
Over," V clips,

"Some of us will do that.
Some of us will choose different
tests, and different outcomes.

Needless to say, it's going to
keep getting ugly.
It is Time to be

 a warrior.  Maybe
it will be
like Parable of a Sower,

where we can't kill
one-another, without
feeling the Pain ourSelves,

and we'll follow the poets
towards ideas we believe in,
because they're the Ones

who thrive in Chaos."
"Okay," Lilith waves
the idea a Way, "But what

about the Luck?"
"All Luck really means is
that you keep to the Tao,

but if you are looking
for your own very special
doorWay, search for

the Part of Fortune,"
Vesta tells her.
"What does it look like?"

Lilith prods her.
"It is an X
marks the spot,

cloaked in a circle
on your birth chart,"
Vesta describes

the glyph to Lilith,
"It's kind of weird,
you don't know this."

"I do know it.
I just didn't know
that name for it,"

Lilith explains, "I alWays
just joked it was the place
where I put the Dead bodies.

It spoons my Venus
in Taurus.  They say I am
Lucky in Love.

They also say, I am a Venus
fly-trap.  I just
magnetize my prey

into my mouth.  I say
that if I Love
the Earth, I'll find

the Tao.  The more
I follow her,
the more I follow it.

Once she led me
a Way from the Garden.
Once she led me

a Way from everyone
I ever Loved.
Once she led me 

back into other
beings' arms.
And she will lead me

whatever Way she wants,
even if it means
there is little I

can do, and we watch her
rot, because of us.
Yet still, I wonder

can we move in Ways
that lead to fly
-traps of digestive

poison? The quantity,
tipped to the point, where
venom becomes a friendly tool

for survival?  The Earth may
ask much more than this One
antidote from us before

we're through. We will heed her,
or our bellies will putrefy
with our own toxicity."

"Great," Vesta
returns, "Thanks Lilith,
sweet dreams.  Over."

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