THE MATH: (Jupiter + Sun + Neptune CONJUNCT Pisces) + (Mercury ENTERS Pisces) = of the Heart, and maybe


Sunny, Neptune, and Jupiter

drink cocktails, in inner-tubes,

on the Dreaming Sea…
"Has it ever occurred
to either of you, that we
don't really know anything
about Mercury, except that
he's had a lot of different
jobs?" Neptune asks
Jupiter, and the Sun
as they bob.

"He's a shape
shifter," Sunny shrugs,
as he twirls a tiny umbrella,
"What is there
to know?"

"There's got to be
some kind of permanence, resting
behind his eyes, don't you
think?" Jupiter protests,
"He is my son, after All,"
Jupiter continues, proudly,
slurping the dregs from his,
'Sex on the Beach.'
He uses the cup
as a magnifying glass, to watch 
Mercury, far off, approaching
from the Ocean Door.

Sunny waves the idea
a Way, "Mercury survives
because he knows, people
mostly want to talk
about themSelves, and be made
comfortable.  That's why
you don't know anything
about who your children really are,
Jupiter.  Mercury is skilled
at what he does, because he coddled
you, his entire childhood.
We are All so very Self
involved.  As a mirror,
Mercury becomes an eye
of the Heart, and maybe
that's the only Truth
that ever sticks

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