THE MATH: (Moon + Gemini CONJUNCT Lilith Rx + Gemini) = of the Fae, is what you are


Moonie spends a Night

inside Road Rage, for the experience,

whispering with Lilith,

in sleeping bags…

"So you're really going to
dwell, full Time in Middle
Earth?" asks the Moon,

"Is that even allowed?
You've alWays marked the calculation
of where in my orbit

I will be farthest Way from
the Earth.  A change in you,
is a change in my

routine, highLighting where I have
become dependent on you.
I will have to reorient mySelf

to a shift like that.
It will require my Energy,"
Moonie explains the inconvenience.

"Yeah, bitch." Lilith quips,
"Wanna come with?"
"Does it really Matter,

where we Land?  It's All
Mom," Moonie knows.
Lili shrugs, "It is

on my Mars line.  I feel
strong, tHere, in
my body.  It's astro

-cartography," Lili responds.
"Are you sure that is
not just a placebo

effect, of knowing
where your Mars line is?"
Moonie proffers.

"Yes, I'm fucking sure,"
Lilith slaps her hand
a Way, "Do not

gasLight me, Moonie.
The Land is low,
tHere, where Rivers

converge and become,
FloodWays," Lili softens
into a whispering description.

"So it is
of the Fae, is what you are
telling me," Moonie mirrors

back, wide-eyed and staring into
her, "Lili, the last Time
you entered into Fae-Lands,

you came out... very, changed..."
Moonie trails.
"That's the point,"

Lilith says, "I can handle it.
Besides, at least
I came out."

"Of that factoid, 
I am skeptical.  But you
do you," Moonie yawns.

"When I am on top,"
Lilith justifies, "of the Mountain,
I have to crawl

on my knees, from room to room,
just to breathe
the Air.  I am

a Daimon, not
an Angel.  I suffer
from low blood

volume.  My Pulse-Weaver .
is not designed to Live
at Mountain peak.  Why
should a Selkie-Penguin rest
a-withering, so close to Heaven,
yet Never One in wings?

Why keep mySelves
from the toxic Rivers of Life
if the Way should let me swim

inside them for however
long I may?"
"Oh, Why? Oh, Why?

Oh, Why?  Bemoaned,
like an epochalyptic
Selkie-Penguin, if I ever heard one,"

Moonie teases her,
"You speak Medieval,
when you talk of Fae, Lili.  Sleep

on it, a-Withering-One." Moonie suggests,
as she blows out the candle
betwixt them.

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