THE MATH: (Mercury + Pisces) TRINE (Moon + Cancer) = Just between us Mysteries


Just between us Mysteries,

“What is shape-shifting,

like for you?” Moonie asks

of Mercury…
"You do not need
to know the old
Myths, to know

how a glob of conscious
Matter we call
a Planet, behaves,

inside of you.  You already
know.  You just
have yet to beg

the question.  Perhaps, begging
is not your thing.
You could slowly cozy in

around a Planet -make him
comfortable, "What is
most present for you

right Now, Mars?"
You might ask
yourSelves.  He will

answer you, and through the body
conduit, you will learn
how his behavior waves,

and where it lies
neutral.  And so
you come to be in

relationship with an Ever
Shifting Sea, inside
of yourSelves.  Planets,

like long lost Loves
-imperfect and forever a part
of you.  You are

unable to ignore them,
once you ask them
to call back through you,

and you no longer
long to, no Matter
how they shift the Soup."

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