THE MATH: (Pallas Athene + Chiron CONJUNCT Aries) = Imagination is How


Athena stops along her travels

to visit Chiron, for a morning

cup o’ joe…
"Did you hear the news?
Sunny and Neptune
are in for an epic
mash up, in the Dreaming
Sea, tomorrow," Chiron
looks up from his i-pad.

"So glad I am no longer
swimming through that,"
Athena sighs with relief.

"We're talking escapism,
fantasy, delusions, drugs, sex,
addictions, coping mechanism,
dissociative responses," Chiron
fleshes out the Story.

"Why does fantasy
have to be wedged in
with the shitty stuff?
Imagination is how
All things begin,"
Athena wonders
looking at the headline
Chiron constructed,
hovering above the kitchen table.

"But will we all burn
inside our Fiery fantasies,
is the question," Chiron
wonders beside her.

"It's more likely we will
drown in them.  Don't you
think we should give
humanity a break?  They take
fear, intravenous, through
the news, and have been
trained to become
neuro-chemically dependent
on social media.  Like a herd
of rats, never knowing when
they're going to get a treat, they just
keep pressing the button..."
Athena trails.

"Bitches need to learn
Chiron crosses his arms.

"Ugh, so boring.  I am mostly
motivated to perform
for others," Athena confesses.

"Yeah," Chiron side-eyes her,
"We know.  That's why
you have no identity 
of your own, Athena."

"Chiron, I thought you were
supposed to be the Ever
Compassionate One,"
Athena furrows.

"If you want to
speak to Kuan Yin,
take off your own armor,"
Chiron challenges her.

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