THE MATH: GRAND WATER TRINE: (Moon + (Sun + Neptune) + S. Node) X (Lilith Rx + Gemini) INCONJUNCT (S. Node + Scorpio) = meet me halfWay


Fate faceTimes Lilith,

stuck in the Grand Water

HighWay Traffic…
"Lili, why do you look
like a 16-year-old, on her Way
to dance class?"
Fate asks.

"Well, my hair is
All long, like hers, and lately
I thought, "Why not
try the whole costume
on.  It is a psychic
experiment, to remember a felt
sensation or two, I might associate
with a semblance of her.
So I pulled a Kirby,
and I sucked her up,
and spit her out,
and got a cute costume, and Light
make-up -but the effortless looking
kind.  I think Jupiter's people call this,
strategy: Inviting Daemonic Possession.
I figured, I could walk in
the teenager's shoes,
and See if she comes to
meet me halfWay."

"What are you
discovering?" Fate inquires.

"Her hair is bound
back from her temples,
to remind her to rest
her ears over her shoulders.
She shakes her tresses, and they fall
with ease behind her.
Her favorite outfit
is leggings under shorts;
tight things, snugly hugging
her body, with loose
baggy sweaters, and warm
socks.  The practical
application being, she does not
have to dance cold,
and she is alWays
cold.  This Way she feels
comfortable enough, to begin
to move.  She does ballet bar
sequences, like yogis do Sun
salutations, to let out Energy
in concentrated screams of physicality,
stored up from masking herSelves
all along the school's Day.
She can also isolate
centers of the body, and lock them,
up and down, controlled, along
the spine.  She says, "Your alignment
is fucked, and you know how
to fix it, so fix it,

"Wow, cool, so she's like Spider
-woman, and you are
Clark Kent," Fate threads.

"I'm Kirby, Fate," Lilith cuts
the cord, with her Silver
Dagger, "Do not
tell me who to be.
Shes is just One altar
ego, in my soul,
but she is the fractal
who's combat moves I'd  like
to remember, right Now, OK?"

"Okay. Okay,"
Fate sticks her hands up,
dropping her phone at Lilith's shot.
She squats down, to look
at Lilith where her image
Now lays on the floor of her car,
"You're 'in charge', Lilikoi,"
she teases her with Air
quotes, and hangs
up the line.

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