THE MATH: GRAND WATER KITE = would Destiny exist


Sunny and Neptune

call the Moon on speaker phone,

still stuck in the Grand Water

FreeWay traffic…

"So what's the hold
up?" Sunny asks the Moon,
floating in a line
of bumper to bumper
inner tubes, next to Neptune,
on the Dreaming Sea.

"Fucking Destiny is
flying a kite
in the middle
of the freeWay," Moonie
explains from the seat
of her own traffic jam,
"Can't you See it?"

"No.  We aren't looking
We'd rather you just
tell us what's happening,
while we glut ourSelves on Sunshine.
Why is she doing it?"
Neptune asks.

Moonie rolls her eyes, "I think
to send a message to Fate.
There's a little banner
trailing off the kite
that says: THIS IS ME

"You think Fate is
gonna take the bait?"
Sunny wonders.

Fate is not a fish, Sunny,"
Moonie chastises him.

"Maybe not literally,"
Neptune comes to Sunny's defense,
"It's never been hard for you
to move in metaphor before,
dear Moon."

"What would happen
if Fate bit it?
Would Destiny exist
without her?" Sunny asks
with trembling in his voice.

Neptune paints a watery
grave for the beings of Earth,
in a worst case scenario, "Without
Fate, the Planet would be thrown
into existential Chaos.  The Heroes
would lose track
of which Way they are

"That's already happening,"
Moonie butts in, taking
a paint roller to his image,
"Destiny does not
want to be without
Fate.  Destiny wants
Fate to move towards her."

"But wouldn't that be weird?
And just confuse the Earthlings more?
Besides, can it even be
done?" Sunny bites his nails.

"Maybe," Moonie shrugs,
"Is Boy's Club scared to find
out, and lose it's bearings
on what's comfortable?"

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