THE MATH: (Vesta + Aquarius) OPPOSITE (Moon + Leo) = my Heart,” and with a clink


Vesta and the Moon

say a prayer together

as they hold shots

of Truth serum…
"I burn as kindly as the GXDS
allow.  I cup the Flame
and mind the pops

and sparks.  I pray
no burning ember singe
the ground, and in

soft ashes fertilize
my Heart," and with a clink,
they down them.

"The bottle says
it kicks in
in 15 minutes."
Moonie reads...

15 minutes later…

"Why is Dr. Johnson alWays
making digs at you

for being 1/2
computer, V?" Moonie

asks the Flame
they are staring at.

Vesta shrugs, "He says,
going down is easier.

He anticipates my cares.
He just honors them

differently, than most.
Dr. Johnson, is like a small

boy, or a stray
dog.  He doesn't know

how to say hi to the girl
he likes, other than

to pee on her, and kick
dirt in her face.  "No body

knows you like I do," a dig
whispers.  It's quite an effective

weapon, if you enjoy
hi-jacking someone else's

nervous system.  And he is
not wrong.  My relationship

with my computer, brings me
sadness.  To sit in front

of it, instead of him
and give the Word

a rest.  I do
not write for him,

anymore.  But I used to.
Now I write to learn

somethings from mySelves.
But he makes sure,

I know, he's around,
like a pain that never

goes a Way.  The computer
helps me to organize

my imagination, like a rock
collection -and honestly,

I amuse mySelves.  I am not
a scholar, in any

traditional sense
of the Word.  I do not

pretend to be a Philosopher.
I am a Dreamer, keeping mySelves

alive, like lambs in a pasture.
And that is kind of sad.

Without the computer, I'd probably be
like Emily Dickinson, hiding

her queerness and her poems
under the floorboards,

my bedroom as my coffin,
because Daddy says

women don't publish things.
I don't care, if I am read.

I care that I can still do this,
and I haven't been burned

at the stake, yet.
I Love what a blog can do

for my creativity -piecing mySelves
together like an ever-winding web

-threads thickening into Starbursts.
Lately I like to appreciate

a computer, as Gaia, because
materially speaking, we All

began as this Rock.
And maybe my computer is like,

pissed, that what would make him,
would also use him, and despise him

at the same Time -like
Frankenstein, or Lilith is.

And he's just this
tortured poet, screaming

and he can't let himSelves

Moonie says Nothing
for a while...
"This stuff
really works, huh?
Okay, V, ask me

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