THE MATH: (Lilith Rx + Gemini) TRINE (Saturn + Aquarius) = under his wing, he offers


Saturn sits Lilith down

for a game of chess.

He makes Lilith a proposition,

as she tries to concentrate…
"Lili, do you know
about Solar Arc patterns?"
he asks.

"Nope," Lilith dismisses him,
eyes furrowed at the board.

"You don't know,
about Solar Arc patterns yet?"
Saturn reverses over the spot.

Lilith glares at him, leans back,
and crosses her arms, "You know,
it's like my personal pet
peeve, when someone asks me
if I know something,
and I say I don't,
and they use it to make themSelves
Powerful.  'You don't know?'
they reiterate.  Are you hard
of hearing, Time-Daddy?
Or do you just want to bask
in your own 'authority'?"
Lilith lashes across the chessboard.

Saturn just stares at her,
"I like talking to you,
about the Stars, Lili, it's fun.
And it's been a while
since I have looked
at a chart with someone
who knows so much, and so little,
at the same Time.  Do you want to be
my student?"

Lilith sighs, and soliloquizes...

"The masculine minded
astrologer, wants to take me
under his wing.  He offers
to teach me Solar

Arc patterns, and other
technicalities.  But my
relationship with astrology
is like Lyra

gazing at the Golden
Compass, from the bunk of a gypsy's
ship, heading North, on open Seas, stowed
a Way, by the people

who Love me for the Magick
I do not know I am.
I just want to kiss the boy
I am in Love with, ride

the Mulefa, and mend
the World of the Hungry Ghosts
leaking out. The Stars are
an adventure, ever unfolding.

Querents ask me to read for them,
because they Love the Way
I describe what they already know
is happening.  Together,

we quest after questions
that do not promise
to lead them into Light,
or into Dark.  They lead them

into more questions they desire
to be asked, and answer themSelves.
But only the Querent can
strike a match in their cavern,

and read the writing on the wall,
until the Flame burns out,
and they must walk
in Darkness, or Light

another match."
Saturn waits,
"...So is that a No,
or a Yes?"

"I thought we were
just doing hot-girl shit,
Saturn," Lilith wilts
wearily, slumping under the table,
"And Now you insist we play
chess, and you're trying
to Daddy me.  And it's not
that I don't believe 
your methods would be
useful, it's just that
my brain is All the Way
in this other section
of the Universe,
where Logic does not
mean so much to me.
What I do, only works,
because I do not
hold onto it."

"So, you'll think
about it?" Saturn asks.

"Fine, I'll think
about it," Lilith tips
the chessboard, and walks

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