THE MATH: (Vesta + Aquarius) INCONJUNCT (Moon + Virgo) = a puzzle,” Vesta grins,


Vesta and Lilith

meet up, at the Satellite


"Pudding made us
a puzzle," Vesta grins,
holding up a printed
piece of paper,
ruddy cheeked and breathing
heavily, from running
up the hill, to the Lookout.

"Oh yeah?  Lets See
it," Lilith says as she
snatches it up, where she has been
waiting for her.  She reads

'You are All
philosophers.  Only
One of you is alive,
and All of you are Dead,

"I've only read Thoreau
off this list," Lilith quips,
"I read him, and I read my own
Life, in his Words."

"OK great, you can be the,
'walks two miles in snow for fun' guy,
alWays dropping in
for dinner.  Who's left?"
Vesta asks.

"Bukowski, I've never
read him, but I've Seen him
in quoted sprinklings,
and images.  He is
a drunk, doing what
he wants.  Vesta,
I think that's you."
Lilith surmises.

"Fine," Vesta agrees
as she squints into
her computer, "Google says,
Francis Barnes,
went to Divinity
school, I think that makes him
Athena.  Who's left?

"Nietzsche, he Loves
Power & Shit," Lilith
explains, "I've only read
snippets of him,
while biblio-mancing."

"Sounds like, Persephone's
kind of guy," Vesta shrugs.

nods Lilith.


"How fast this Time,
through the maze?"

"Our fastest rat
race yet," V grins.

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