THE MATH: ((Vesta + Aquarius) CONJUNCT (Pluto + Capricorn)) INCONJUNCT (Lilith + Gemini) = like a Beloved


Vesta plays Dead,

laying like a pharaoh

on her bed, with headphones on…
Lilith pushes open the Door,
"Whatcha doing V?"
Vesta opens one eye,

"Downloading ideas
into my brain,"
she says, and closes it

again.  "Couldn't you
just read?"
Lilith asks.

Vesta sighs, and sits up:
"When I was a child,
I read All

Day.  I would read
as I walked.  I would read
as I played.  But Now,

it is challenging
for my brain, to inhale
the Word that Way.

I have become more
like a Beloved
listener.  Still hungry, but

imbibing in a different
form.  When I strike
against an idea

my body recognizes
as meaningful, I get excited.
It is agitating.  I have to

put the book down, move and make
something, to keep processing
through it.  Like the first rumblings

of an erection, it's hard
for me to keep it
in my pants.  Listening,

lets me twiddle
my thumbs, stretch
my legs, and doodle.  Also,

I can listen faster
than I can read, and with
more comprehension,"

V finishes as she inverts
herSelves into a handstand.
"I Love how you are

just embracing this whole,
1/2 computer thing,"
Lilith admires her,

from where she leans
in the doorWay.
"All being should play

to their strengths,
no Matter
if they are perceived

as another person's
V says, as she turns

the volume up, in her
headphones, and shuts
the Door, in Lilith's face.

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