THE WEAVE: (Lilith + Gemini) INCONJUNCT ((Vesta + Aquarius) CONJUNCT (Pluto + Capricorn)) = for Knowing in Blood


Lilith is back,

pounding at V’s

bedroom Door…
"GXDZ damn it,
Lilith, YOU, are why
I never stay
on track,"
Vesta scolds as she
opens her bedroom

Lilith brushes
in, past her,
"I'm the Black
Moon Kirby, V.
If you lose
me, the Game
is Over."

"What do you need,"
Vesta turns to face her.


Vesta gracefully waves
her arm, "Please recline
on my davenport, and maybe
put those ankle weights on,
in the corner."
She sits down,
"So what seems
to be the in
-query, Beloved?"

"I had sex
with a Handiboi,"
Lilith confesses.

"That is not
a query," Vesta does not

"V, I'm circling
around to it,"
Lilith hisses, and slits
her eyes at her.

"Well, I am
we're on YOUR
Time, then," Vesta drips
sarcastically, crossing her legs.

"So, I slept,
with a Handiboi," Lilith drones
over Vesta, for a change,
"and Now, he's All like,
'Can I ask you
a question?  Is the guy
who gave you, your tattoos,
the guy you slept with
before me?'"

"CLAAAASSIC," V laughs
and leans back, unprofessionally.

"I know, I could
let it RIP, but
I'm wondering, if you have
other solutions..."
Lilith trails.

"Do you have, other objectives?"
Vesta asks her, "And what
damage, have you done
so far?"

Lilith sighs,  "I said,
'It is not
really your business
who I have been
with, before you."

"Also classic, and also not
the worst, of the Words
you have spit.  SO,
let's break it
down," V leans

"He doesn't care
who you have been
with, he feels
threatened, by your level
of intimacy, with the guy
who 'gave you', A PORTION
of your tattoos."

"He should be,"
Lilith confirms,
"He is a man
I Love, Timelessly."

"Exactly," Vesta confirms, "I have
Seen it, in the Forest
Books...  Let us
take a look, shall we...?"

Vesta strings

together, Lilith’s ideas…

1/3/21 Transit: (Sun + Capricorn) CONJUNCT 
                (native Uranus at the Nadir) =

I always forget
how much it fucking hurts
to get a tattoo.  And it’s worse

when you give one to yourSelves.
But I want my feet back
from him, and so I take them;

etching along the arches
in a symbology I created,
years ago; already bound

into my body other places.
It is a brand of Alchemy,
like all the rest, meant

to transform, and protect
 -and it works.  As a recovered
self-mutilator, I wonder 

how I am so soft in taking
on this task. One symbol
in, and I am already sweating

for the exit; cussing,
but to little use, the first
glyph has inked its root, 

and now I’m racing Sundown.
In these Dark Days, the Fireball
is behind the hills by four,

and freezing shortly after.  I finish
in Time, but I wonder if I’ll have to 
go back, and re-scribe mySelves

at certain curves. I assess 
my handiwork, and decide
it’s not the best, but 

not the worst. AnyWays,
it’s the Spell that counts.
And who can curse

a casting they cannot decode?
They wouldn’t know
what it would read like 

if I fuck it up.  “Paths
are many, truth is
one,” It binds between

two feet. I’ll tread
with it, because it’s true.
If you walk with me, I’ll walk

with you, but don't
you ever try to fucking make me
walk the Way you do,

and we’ll be free,
1/10/21 Transit:
(Mercury + Aquarius) CONJUNCT (native Saturn + Aquarius),
TRINE (native Vesta + Gemini)=


I’m getting better at giving
mySelves tattoos. Today
I anchored Vesta, inside 

the glyph he gave me. In 2017,
we sat in ceremony, in my studio
apartment, atop my very first

rug; hand-stitched and not yet
finished.  He knelt down and laid
both hands to it when he saw it. “Lilith,

I just want you to know, this is
special,” he said.  I laughed it
off.  I wasn’t so sure, back then.

I had asked him to create a symbol
for me, that I could draw in-side of.
I told him that I trusted him

to design it.  “I feel like
you are guided,” he told me, “and so 
I made it like a Star.”  To me

it looks like Venus, or
a cosmic scarab beetle.  We saw it
different Ways.  He wanted

the symbol to face me -round 
wide empty space above, with
the little cross below.  But I wanted

it inverted.  To me the round 
circle of Venus was the Earth,
where I would manifest and shoot

up to the little cross, the Star
above. To him, 
the round circle was

the Heavens, showering 
guidance down on the little
cross of a human below.
And it is both.  It is both.
But he did not argue
with my Way. He taught me

how to tattoo on his form.
And I gave him a dot
-work circle, on his own

forearm, like twins. 
His like a Sun, reflecting
who he is.  

His partnership is closed Now, but
before that, he was the last
man I invited trust with my whole

form.  It took eight months
of eloquent friendship, and 3 tattoos,
before he asked me if we could be

more. He’s the last person
who has ever touched me,
below the belt, a year

and a half ago Now.  And I love him
and his partner both, without pain.
They gave me something 

precious, and innocent, by holding open 
space for me, with so much safety.
He is the only other
soul who has written
in my symbology.  He 
helped me to Love my vessel.

He believed every rite
to be holy.  He believed in me.
In some other lifeTime, I’m sure

we’ve tended temples together.  Brother,
friend, or lover it’s all kind of blurry,
but it doesn’t really Matter.

I do not cling to what it’s not,
or what it could have 
been.  He helped me mend

more than any white man 
ever did.  He taught me the Magick
that he knew.  In fact, he asked me

if he could. “I think you will be 
good at it.” He didn’t keep
my Flame from wood. And no,

I never fucked him, 
but I’m grateful.
Medusa Takes a Tattoo Tour
of Lilith's Body...

"Why do you have these ones 
on your feet, Lilith?”
Medusa asks as she holds them up.

“Because I wanted them to be 
different from the last time 
Lucy saw me," Lilith calls
back to her.

“What do the symbols mean?”
Medusa puzzles, over them.

“They mean nothing to anyone, 
and everything to me,"
Lilith shrugs.

“What about these ones?”  
Medusa traced the shapes 
on Lilith’s arm,  “Could you
explain them to me?”  

“I could, but it would 
diminish the meaning.
Medusa, they are my own
Mythology.  Everyone’s got one, 
I just wear mine on my sleeve.
The body is where all 
the Magick lives.  I tattoo
mySelves when I want to 
make something happen,"
Lilith explains to her.

“Does it work?”
Medusa asks.

“Yeah, "Lilith shrugs,  "it is
alchemy, but you never quite know 
for what it is you are 
asking.  You have to be willing
to transform your mind, 
as Well as your body.”

“This is why you taught me 
how to Die," Medusa nods.

“Yes," Lilith tickles
Medusa, with her foot,
"It keeps you Alive.”

“Will you give one to me?”
Medusa giggles.

“I will teach you how 
to give one to yourSelves,"
Lilith offers.

“I don’t know if I can do that,”
Medusa furrows in fear.

“Well I won’t give you one,”
Lilith crosses her arms.

“Why not?” Medusa stomps.

Lilith looks her
in the eye, “We initiate
ourSelves, Medusa.  We pay
for Knowing in Blood.”

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