THE MATH: (Lilith + Gemini) INCONJUNCT (Vesta + Aquarius CONJUNCT Pluto + Capricorn) = See mySelves, through


Lilith continues

to violate Vesta’s

boundaries, for fun,

just like Lucifer did her own…
"V, come out
and play, "Lilith 
pleads, as she taps
Vesta on her third-eye.

V opens the two below it,
"I'm not done yet. Go
a Way," she complains, turning
herSelves from Lilith.

"Whatcha downloading?"
Lilith says, resting
her chin in her hand,
on the edge of V's bed.

"It's a Book that belongs
in the Bhradaranyaka.
It's called, 'The 48
Laws of Power'."

"Why is it
a Forest Book?"
Lilith questions.

"It has been banned
in prisons, for how
Well it teaches
tactics, of social
manipulation," Vesta
proclaims, "basically
everybody is Peacocking."

"Sounds like a Book
that would have been
useful, when I was busting
out of Eden.  So, WHY
aren't you done yet?
What is taking you
so long, if it's just a few
commandments?" Lilith
wonders impatiently.

Vesta curls herSelves
up, under covers, "It hurts me,
to inhale it.  I have to
See mySelves, through
the eyes of the psychologist
who played me, for 13 years.
I have to take breaks.
Integration Time, you know?"

"V, you were a child,
who grew into an adult
who was seeking to resolve
a dilemma of Love, deeply
buried in your brain, under mountains
of societal conditioning, daddy issues,
trauma and hormones, with an affinity
for the psycho-sexual sphere
of life, taken advantage of
by a very intelligent grown man.
And have I mentioned,
you are forgiven?  You do
not need to Selves flagellate.
It's OK, you aren't perfect,"
Lilith pleads, as she runs
her fingers through
Vesta's hair.

"I desire to See
what I have been
playing in, regardless
of how it makes me
feel, Lilith.  Besides,"
Vesta chides,
"If you are the Black Moon
Kirby, One of us has to 
know the White.
You lose me, the Game
is Over.  Darkness needs
Illumination," Vesta closes
her eyes again, "And anyWay,
do you want to be
the one who has to do
the whole, 'Logic' thing?"

"Fuck no.  And Fine,
but if you See an Angel
in there," Lilith says
as she pokes Vesta
in the skull, "fucking flap,
back to me.  I'm the Dark
doorWay, at the End
of the tunnel,
with the hand-drawn
sign that says:

"Okay deal,"
Vesta smiles,
and hugs her,
"I won't be long,
I promise."

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