THE MATH: (Sun + Pisces) OPPOSITE (Full Moon + Virgo TRINE Pluto + Capricorn)= your Sacred, Secret, Sexy


Sunny calls the Moon

while the boys are

"Moonie!  How ya
doing, babe?  I know
you are all Full, and stuff
over there, doing
your Sacred, Secret, Sexy
Priestess things..."

Moonie rolls with it,

"Yeah, not only
that, but I chose
to take an emergency

contraceptive.  So Now,
my body is being
Flooded, with hormones,

ingested from outside of me,
and my Heart is like, "WTF".
Samael tells me, they also feel

like this, as they transition.
I have not taken hormones,
in almost a decade, and so

I forgot, how a body is
just seeking equilibrium.
Because of it, Up and Down.

Up and Down it goes!
The waves much
higher, than the usual

rolling of my own Moons-
-and that is saying something.
So I'm eating

venison, and Dark
leafy greens, to help
the chemicals leak out of me.

My body is mad
at me, and my womb aches.
So I am

constantly remembering,
as often as I can:  I am not
my feelings, or the thoughts

they cling to, but also
how interesting! -what has been
stored in Here, All

this Time, waiting
just for me
to let it out."

Sunny does not
have much to say, "OK...
cool yeah,
Red Tent stuff..."

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