THE MATH: (Lilith + Gemini) INCONJUNCT (Vesta + Pluto CONJUNCT Capricorn) = dizzy, and other side effects


Lilith busts in, beaming
like the Sun, into her

"OMG.  I'm going to
fucking kill you, Lilith,"
Vesta pulls at her own hair.

"He wrote me a Story,
while he was high
on cocaine," Lilith cuts
to the chase.

"A Story, you say?"
Vesta's interest in piqued.

"Yeah, it was the last
Word he gave me, like a parting
Death.  He called and texted
all day, but I just
put my phone somewhere
where I could not See it.
I read the last message,
first, when I woke up.
And I laughed
so hard I cried,
as I read it to Minthe,"
Lilith smiles.

"You should probably
recite it to me,"
Vesta poises herSelves,
with a pen, and a hunger
in her eyes, "You know,
for the sake
of documentation..."

"Sure, V,"
Lilith grins,
taking out her phone...


The both of them
as a chaotic and romantic
team/enemies, managed
to write a very confusing,
and someTimes annoying,
yet eventful,

Character: Handiboi,
using his odd and illogical
power, to morph from hero to villain
so he can fight himSelves
as he attempts to destroy and save
Friendship City,
at the same Time.

Protagonist: Lilith,
has no idea what is
going on, so she resorts
to kissing Handiboi a bunch
of Times, giving him the strength
to stay Hero for long enough
to save the city, and fix the crack
in her exhaust pipe
so she can voyage to a mystic
land, called Middle Earth,
where she will eventually abide,
since the altitude of the Mountain
has Dark Powers, that make her
dizzy, and other side effects,
probably minor, yet annoying.

Handiboi loved Lilith.
He thought Lilith was wiser
and smarter, and knew
the Drama Team had to disperse.
So she carried on
to the mystical

And Handiboi, to the Dark
and misty Mountain,
where evil trolls hand out
citations to the strange
creatures with long wooden
feet, who are stuck
in a never-ending
circle, up and down
the Mountain, until Night
fall, when the evil trolls
capture them and jail them,
for the traditional consumption
of a potion called beer.
Lilith continued on
to live an intriguing, and yet
mysterious and profitable life.
Handiboi, kinda said,
fuck... and took out the trash.
Now, the End."

"So," Lilith says,
brushing her tears a Way,
"What do you think, V?"

"You certainly inspire
others, don't you, Lili?"
Vesta glints, "So,
he has given you
a gift.  What do you
want to do with it?"

"I will alWays
wish a Great man Well.
And I'll keep walking
to the Middle

Vesta giggles, mystified,
reading the Story
over again, "Who knew
men would author
themSelves, in the Forest

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