THE MATH: (Sun + Pisces) SQUARE (Lilith + Gemini) = a cameo,” Sunny beams


Sunny faceTimes


Whatcha doing Lili?"
Sunny asks her.

"Top secret, hot girl
shit, but
I'll show you,
because you're in it."
Lilith says, holding
up her coloring book.

"Cool..." Sunny trails,
"Whats the purpose?"

"To protect Vesta
from Dark Magick,
while she 'sleeps',
with inside
jokes, and comics,"
Lilith explains.

"Oooooh, it's like WWE Manga,"
Sunny realizes.

Lilith exclaims.

"Thanks for including me.
You know I Love
a cameo," Sunny beams.

"You're welcome," smiles Lili.

"But you know, I'm leaving
Pisces, tomorrow, right?"
Sunny says.

"If you rush it,
you'll ruin it, Sunny,"
Lilith whines,
"We don't alWays
revolve, around you."

"But you do, though..."
Sunny softly argues.

Lilith hangs up.

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