THE MATH (Mercury + Jupiter CONJUNCT Pisces) TRINE (Moon + Scorpio) = sniff the flower


Moonie reads Boy’s

Club, a few harmless

diary entries, she smuggled

out of the Library…

My nephew is a Capricorn,
and 3 years old.  He teaches me

his bedTime breathing
exercises.  He puts his fist

under my nose, and transforms it
into a pointed finger.

We stare at each-other
blankly, for a few

awkward seconds, as I ask
him, what he's doing,

but he waits for me,
un-answering.  He remains there,

fist to my face.
And then it Dawns on me,

"Sniff the flower.
Blow out the candle."

And he giggles, pleased
with his student, when

I say the Magick Words,
as I inhale his punch,

and blow on his finger tip.


“What are you doing, BB?”  asks
her nephew, as he scoots himself
between her legs, where she is
crouching.  He backs up, and rests
his head, on her sternum.  Together,

they look up at the circle 
of a pine tree, below a full and yellow 
moon she painted, four years ago.
“I am training the vines, little bird.
Will you help me?”  She unhooks

the ivy from the brick, very gently.
Where the vines grows into the circle, 
she moves one, to weave it into another.
“Boop,” she says, as she works,
with her arms moving around him.

“Boop,” he calls back, and reaches
out to touch it, “But Lili, why 
are you doing it?”  “Mostly for fun, 
and to see what happens.  Someday, 
the brick behind the circle will crumble, 

but for now it is Here, and 
the ivy can be sculpted.”  He says 
Nothing.  He just looks up, his head  
resting upon her.  She sits very still,
as the breeze blows through them.

After a long moment he says, 
“I like the Wind in my hair.”
She smiles, and does not 
move, “Me too, 
little bird.”

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