THE MATH: (Lilith + Gemini) INCONJUNCT (Pluto + Capricorn) = Friend. You already


Lilith wishes a parting


P.S.: Handiboi is

a Great sexter.
He is endlessly
creative.  He Lives

in the awareness, of the
physical, in his hands, close
to the Way.  His One on One

comprehension, is brilliant, and
yet, effervescent.  It takes
practice, to play out

a scene, with someone,
knowing, but not
knowing it.  To know

the whole Story,
you must someTimes
play out the banker,

or the One who is
robbed.  You may alWays
say, I have robbed you

of something.  I too,
have my own Villains, and they
relish, their positions.

It was an honor,
to be of service to you,
and thank you

for the orgasm.  You are
the only man, to make me
come, in the Epochalypse,

so, you get to hold the Holy
Grail, for a while.
Hot Potato, pass it on.

You are talented at the Game
of Love, so begin
to use it, and Love your own

Selves, and please read
the Tao, my genius
Friend.  You already

belong to it.
Do not stop

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